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If you are looking for a 2D animation service that can convert your potential audience into customers, we would like you to know that you are at the right place. At Approxen, we have a team of professionals who are always willing to discover the innovative world of animation and can provide exceptional graphics to clients. While providing quality work to our clients, we make sure to set cost-effective rates.


We have a perfect framework for 2D animation services that includes updated 2D graphics software, technology, and talented designers. Following are the steps that we use for providing cutting-edge animation services.


To develop a concept, we hear our client's idea that they have for the video. Then we take things further that include sketching, sequencing, and scripting outcomes.


Then we create keyframes that define the timings of the movement and specific movements that are visible.


While keeping that concept in mind, we create a storyboard. This storyboard creation gives a clear picture of the story, character design, and production layout.


Then our team creates different scenes as per the storyline that our clients provide, and conducts complete editing that ensures the creation of high-animation outcomes.


After creating the storyboard, we present pre-planned visual elements that are used in the final animation creation, while maintaining capability with the story.


Our team then creates high-quality 2D animation, making it appear lively, engaging, and giving it the final touch that has the potential to convert your viewers.


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    Explainer Video

    Explainer videos are short 2D animations that describe how your product or services work and they are also great for educational or informative videos. Get your business's 2D explainer video out and communicate your business's message easily and close the deal through strong call-to-action at the end! Approxen helps you create explainer videos for your business.
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    Interactive eBook 2D Animation

    An Interactive eBook works wonder for your words. At Approxen, we can help you with interactive eBook creation, production, and development. Our expert team creates your eBook interactive and visually absorbing that can work smoothly across all devices including smartphones, tablets, or eReaders.
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    Animated Web Demos

    We use advanced tools, technologies, and software programs to create the best 3D cartoon animation. We can turn your every idea into reality through our creativity and hard work. We design 3D animation characters that will not only engage your customers but will also please them and ultimately convert them.
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    Animated HTML5 Banner Ads

    An HTML5 responsive banner improves user engagement and drives more traffic to your website, which is effective for your business productivity. Our professional and creative team is expert in designing complex yet engaging HTML5 banner ads for individual business needs and goals.
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    Logo Animation

    Logos act as an identity of your brand or business. You will not be there to represent your business all the time, but your logo is always there on the front page. That's why a cutting-edge logo animation is essential for your business. We create the perfect blend of images and emotions which leads to brand recognition and profitability.
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    Whiteboard Animation

    Give your business's message a life by using our whiteboard animation services. Whiteboard animation is a process in which an author physically draws and records an illustrated story using a digital whiteboard. We, at Approxen, convey your business's message, educational content, or information in a sleek and clear manner through our whiteboard service.


We pride ourselves on creating engaging and fun animations which contribute to our client’s success. Choose us for your next video animation project because we are: innovative, creative, different, and experienced!


A storyboard is a powerful tool to visually represent information to clients. It usually shows the linear direction of the cells that is perfect for storytelling, explaining a process, and showing the passage of time.

Unlimited revisions and participation until you get satisfied with the results! All the stages such as storyboarding, voiceover, illustrations, and animation comes with endless revision and participation from your side.

We provide you animated videos in HD format and give you additional options in whichever format you want, we can provide you with that.

We care about the security of your data. That’s why we take necessary security measures to ensure that only authorized personnel has access to the files. While transferring files, we use VPN or FTP.

Considering the short span of attention that people have nowadays, animated videos are also becoming shorter. The general guidance in the animated explainer video industry is to create it between 60-120 seconds long. However, there is no “correct length”, it all depends on what kind of video you want.


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