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What is 3D animation? 3D animation is the process of creating three-dimensional moving images in a digital environment. 3D animation design is the most favorite among businesses worldwide.  At Approxen, we are capable of doing quality 3D animation services for cartoons, characters, and logos, products, etc. We believe in perfection, and with our great level of expertise, we assure the delivery of feasible 3D animation solutions for our customers.


By following strategic processes carefully, we make sure to create exceptional designs and video animations that will satisfy the needs of our clients. We create 3D animation in a way that will clearly define your goal while engaging your audience and their attention. Following are the steps we usually follow to deliver you the best 3D animation.

Conceptualizing & Storyboarding

Storyboards help conceptualize what the final animation will look like. That's why we follow this important step to discuss with our clients whether their required needs are meeting 3D animation.


The next step that we follow to create 3D animation is Modeling and texturing. In this step, 3D objects are created within the scene. Texturing wrapping a 2D image around a 3D object and defining how light would affect it.

Layout & Animation

The 3D layout allows the director to adjust the composition of each shot in action. It is a basic yet useful step throughout the rest of the pipeline.

Final Rigging/Rendering

Rendering in 3D animation is what completes the process, depicting the final output of the process. In this final step,


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    3D Logo Animation

    If you want to communicate your business identity more creatively then a 3D logo is the best option. We will add life to your business identity through our 3D logo design. We provide custom 3D logo services that will give your brand momentum.
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    3D Video Animation

    At Approxen, our expert and creative team allow us to provide you anything imaginable. As animation brings various opportunities for your business to thrive. We take this opportunity and create your brand's 3D video animation the way you want it.
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    3D Architectural Animation

    We use advanced tools, technologies, and software programs to create the best 3D cartoon animation. We can turn your every idea into reality through our creativity and hard work. We design 3D animation characters that will not only engage your customers but will also please them and ultimately convert them.


We have committed to not settle to the existing industry standards but we strive to do more than that, we believe in redefining the standards with modern flair and practices. This motive sets us apart from the crowd and allows us to write big success stories for our clients. Choose our 3D animation services because we are: Multidisciplinary team, experienced, and transparent!


There are various benefits of 3D animation services that include interactivity, catches the audience’s attention, creates branding, improves cost-effectiveness, and attracts more traffic. Also, 3D animation stands out among that crowd of those “types”, delivering brands much better ROI.

3D animation can showcase your product and services that have never been possible before. 3D animation services will allow your product or services to launch on several platforms at once. While engaging, entertaining, and informing your customers, it will ultimately convert them and boost your sales.

Usually, we take up to 4-5 weeks to complete a project. Also, it depends on the length and complexity of the project. But if you want a quick delivery then you can contact us to discuss the possibility.

The cost of any project depends on its complexity and length. Several other factors can affect the cost of the project. If you want a precise cost estimation, contact us to discuss your project, and shortly we will provide you a quote.


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