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Approxen is one of the leading web design and development companies. We provide a full cycle of web development as well as redesigning the existing one to make it more optimized to generate more sales and leads. Don’t take us as an agency, think of us as a partner as we become part of your team to thrive your digital presence and help you convert your visitors.


From web development to web designing, we have experienced professionals who strive to provide you with their unmatchable talent and hard work. We have created more than 150 efficient and successful websites. Our website solutions power small as well as mature businesses.

 Explore our web development and design services.

Full-cycle Web Design & Development

We provide a full cycle of web design and development, meaning we start web development from scratch, including essentials such as gathering, design, implementation, quality assurance as well as maintenance, and support.

E-commerce Development

Our developers have experience with a large number of E-commerce platforms that can be used to create your online web store. Our team of professionals can also create custom e-commerce stores by using ERP, CRM, and other systems if required.

Custom Software Development

Approxen provides web development that is distinct and separate from Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS). We design custom software for specific users according to your requirements. We can perfectly meet our client's needs and develop software accordingly.

Website Redesign

Usually, clients come to us for website redesign because of previous poor UX and UI design. We make sure to redesign websites with the best UX and UI design services. With our in-depth research and knowledge of user behavior, we can provide you with redesign services that engage the right audience.

Maintenance & Support

Our maintenance and support services include bug fixes, enhance scalability and performance to attract more visitors and data, improving the website structure to better address user demand, implement SEO, many others by applying advanced development. It is an ongoing activity that's why it is effective for our clients.

Mobile Driven Development

Adapt your website for mobile phones and screens of all sizes for better UI and UX and generate more leads and sales with us. We design your website for all platforms as well as using the portal as the back-end for a mobile app.

Web Application Development

We plan and build web apps that work via the internet or intranet. Our web application development team has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the latest technologies that allow them to develop web application solutions to take your business to a new pinnacle.


Explore how we plan and build a website for your business. Get our website development services because we have got you covered from planning to maintaining.

  • 01


    We analyze your business needs and conduct in-depth research to learn about your audience and build a website for better user demands.
  • 02


    After analyzing, we plan requirements for your website and create wireframes of how we are going to build your website that converts.
  • 03


    After planning and sharing our wireframes with you, we wait for your approval and valuable feedback, then start designing visuals for your website.
  • 04


    After designing visuals for your website, we develop the design using tools such as WordPress and Elementor.
  • 05


    After developing a website, we test its usability and we ask for your valuable feedback, if you ask for any changes then we provide you with that also.
We know the Trends

Benefits of Working With Us

At Approxen, we go the extra mile to serve our clients so that they can rest assured after handing us your project. To satisfy our clients we offer the following bonuses with our services.

  1. We provide conversion tracking installation for major platforms
  2. We give access to analytics installation to better understand your target consumers.
  3. Responsive design for better UX.
  4. SEO optimized sites
  5. Web speed optimization
  6. A/B testing
  7. CRM integration

This is the most common question that our clients ask us, well it depends on the type of website you want. However, our pricing is designed to meet the needs of small businesses and non-profits. Please contact us to know an exact cost estimate.  

It is an approach to enhance the readability of the website pages across many types of devices such as PC desktops, retina displays, tablet screens, and mobile screens.

Yes, we will be more than happy to serve you with our website redesign services. We will provide you with the best UX and UI designs that engage the right audience to your website.

We try to be transparent so we take only one-time charges, and if there are any extra services that we provide that require extra charges, then first let you know about it and then proceed.

There are various variables included that may influence the time it takes to build a website such as the size, complexity, and design of the website. However, if everything goes smoothly then it can take up to 8-12 weeks.


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